Collective Worship

As a Church school, Collective Worship is an important time during which we can share in celebrating God's love and learning more about our Christian faith through stories, songs, drama and prayer. We also celebrate the traditions of other religions in order for children to become more understanding of the beliefs of others.


The Christian values we promote through collective worship are the foundation of our school ethos. We have 6 core values, they are:  Love, Friendship, Forgiveness, Honesty, Hope and Trust. 


Every Friday within Collective Worship we also acknowledge and reward the children for achievements both in and out of school, promoting the ethos of the school that all children are valued and learning is celebrated.  School awards include; Star of the Week and Christian Core Value Award.


We support our children in offering a Child Led Worship.  This is supported by the weekly leader of collective worship and is centred around the weekly theme.  Children are encouraged to share a story through speaking/drama/objects, offer a song and a prayer, as well as encouraging their audience to participate. 

Summer Term 2019

We examine some of the many Christian values that we uphold and continue to explore other values that we hold close to our hearts, seeking to share them with our children as part of their spiritual education. This will be done in conjunction with poignant festivals and celebrations in the calendars of Christian and other faiths. 

This term we are following the themes below.


Responding to Easter

  • Most important Christian celebration- party
  • Road to Emmaus
  • Holy Communion

Responding to God’s wisdom in the Old Testament

  • Noah/ Moses/ Joshua/ Samuel

Responding to wise advice

  • Thinking the right things
  • Words have consequences
  • Whose opinions really matter?
  • God knows how good I am!

Responding to Jesus as our friend

  • Jesus needed his friends.
  • Jesus helped his friends.
  • Jesus asked his friends to by loyal even if it was difficult
  • The importance of being a dependable friend.

Responding to others as our friends

  • Friends never let each other down.
  • Anyone who needs me is my friend.
  • Fairness for all our friends.
  • What I need, not what I want.

Old Testament Stories


New Testament Parables




 Each half term children will lead Collective Worship on some of the above themes.