July 2016

1st July 2016

Our children would like to tell you about the:


  • Whalton Bale: 4th July 2016

This year the annual Bale Fire was on a very, very wet Monday evening. Lots of us gathered outside the Village Hall for a very special dance around the corn dolly. We danced and skipped along to the accordion players’ music. The Reception Class used pretty rainbow ribbons in their dance. Year 4 made an archway for the other children to go through as we all headed towards the fire. We performed a dance, skipping, clapping and spinning with our partners. Then came the best, most looked forward to part…… the Snail Dance! We all love this dance even the parents do! We must not let go of each other while we skip, to make the snail spiral. It is always great fun and a very enjoyable evening for all.


At the Bale Fire, it was pouring down with rain but I really liked it. Me, Mummy, Daddy and my brother got totally soaked. When we did the Snail Dance, which was great fun, my Dad and I were at the very end.


The Bale night was very wet, cold and excellent! We had to get ready to go. Raincoats were put on and we made sure we had an umbrella.  When we arrived at the Village Hall, we got out of the car and walked to the Village Hall. We saw quite a lot of people standing there. First the Reception danced around the Kern Baby. We, Year 3s, danced behind the wall and Year 4 danced on the road. We did a dance called the Snail then we got sent to our parents to go home but the bale got lit and my family and I had a great time. I loved it!


I loved the Bale night because of the cool dances and the Morris Dancing because of the loud bangs of the sticks and the soft music for the girls.


The night of the 4th July 2016 was an excellent night although it was raining extremely hard! We were all absolutely drenched by the time our dances were finished. Most of the people were under brollies!


I really enjoyed the Bale Fire even though it was pouring with rain. I loved dancing around the kern baby but my favourite part was when the Year 4s got to dance on the road. It was so much fun when we all joined hands with our parents to do the Snail Dance. We all made sure that we did not break the chain but it was especially difficult this year because all of our hands were wet and slippery from the rain.


We had been waiting for the Bale Fire for a couple of days and had been practising our dances at school. When the day came, it was raining very badly but no matter how much it rained we were all still excited. We soon made our way to the Village Hall and we passed police horses that were blocking the road and stopping the traffic. The kern baby was there. Well you might say, “What’s the kern baby?” Well the kern baby is made from corn and is about 3 metres tall. She had a white and yellow dress on and she was standing outside the Village Hall looking quite proud of herself. Then the Year 3s danced around and by the wall; the Reception danced around the kern baby; the Years 1 & 2 danced around the Bale Fire but it wasn’t lit and the Year 4s danced on the road but it was closed. Then we all danced around the Bale but it still wasn’t lit. Then after we did the dance called the Snail, the fire was lit and we were free to go home.


On Monday it was the Whalton Bale. It was very rainy but it was fun. My favourite bit was the Snail because I like it when you get to the middle and you sharply turn around.


I enjoyed doing the Snail Dance with my Daddy. The road was closed while everybody danced on it. It was fun dancing in the rain. The rain was extremely heavy. After the dance they lit the fire. The flames were roaring up – it sounded like a lion.


On the 4th July we had our Whalton Bale Fire. It was different this year because of the kern baby. I was really rainy and we got drenched. My favourite part was the Snail because it is fun and we splodged in the puddles.


  • Corn Dolly Workshop with Mrs Moran: 5th July 2016

When Mrs Moran came in I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the corn dolly she had made. When we got started I didn’t get the hang of it but I did get it in the end. When we all finished they were looking beautiful like Mrs Moran’s.


The corn dolly workshop was excellent with Mrs Moran. She was exceptionally good at making things out of corn. It was difficult to weave the corn to make our own dollies.