Our Creative Curriculum

At Whalton we  provide an outstanding curriculum which has been carefully planned to meet the needs of all of our learners. In partnership with the children we have developed a four year rolling programme of innovative, creative and exciting themes; a curriculum for the 21st Century. A variable mixture of whole school topics, mini projects and themed weeks motivates the children and gives them enthusiasm for their learning. The children are actively involved in the planning of each year’s topics both at the early stages and in the more detailed medium term planning, they therefore have complete ownership of their curriculum. We work alongside our Federation Partner, Longhorsley First School. This allows staff to plan exciting projects together across the schools and gives the children the opportunity to meet up for special events.

Extract from National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report March 2013.

"The staff are proud custodians of the school's excellent curriculum which is constantly reviewed and contributes strongly to the outstanding opportunities offered to the children and adults. Children say their school is ‘happy, bright and joyful.’ They confirm that lessons are ‘challenging but always fun.’"

Please contact your class teacher or Mrs Elliott if you wish to find out more about your child's curriculum.