Our Creative Curriculum

Federation Curriculum Overview


At ‘The Federation of Longhorsley and Whalton C of E Schools,’ we understand that children learn best when their interests are harnessed in an emotionally safe, secure learning environment.  Our aim is to provide them with the tools and courage to enjoy and embrace their learning, in a culture which recognises mistakes as an integral part of this.  We endeavour to encourage them to pursue their limitless aspirations with a strong belief in themselves to achieve.  


Strong Christian Core Values are inter-woven through our curriculum providing integrity to the substance of our children’s learning.


Assessment outcomes are important to us, in the context of what is being taught and we have high expectations for our children.  However, we recognise that all children come from different starting points academically, socially and experientially.  Therefore, we consider each and every one of our children individually, celebrate their uniqueness and aspire to plan and support their distinctive journeys through our schools.


At the end of their time with us, we hope that your children will be happy, confident, well rounded individuals who embrace challenge; see mistakes as learning opportunities; are compassionate to others; care for the environment; understand how to keep themselves safe in a busy and complex world and have the tools to manage personal and social citizenship.


Further information about how we plan to support your children can be found in the following places on this website:


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·        Newsletters and Learning Journeys

·        Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

·        Sports Premium

·        Core Values

·        E Safety

As much as possible we create opportunities to bring our individual subjects to life and bring the wider world into our smaller rural classrooms. Examples of visitors/visits have included: Professor Brainstorm to inspire Science; STEM representatives; travelling theatre companies; visits to the theatre; multi-faith religious representatives; environmental groups and charities to name but a few.


Please see our 'Class Learning Journeys' and 'Class Newsletters' for more detailed information about our current topics.


Please contact your class teacher or Mrs Elliott , if you have any queries related to our curriculum or ways that you could support our children in their learning.