Our Federation Vision and School Mission Statement

Being a Church of England School, Whalton has a Mission Statement which reflects the religious teaching in the School and this is as follows:

It is the mission of the Governors and staff of Whalton School in conjunction with the parents to create an environment in the School that supports the School’s Christian foundation by:

1. Promoting Christian values by taking as an example the life and teaching of Jesus Christ to encourage in the pupils a sense of decency, commitment, self-reliance, responsibility, respect for each other and a healthy self-esteem.

2. Stimulating in our children a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world and to encourage them to search for truth, meaning and purpose in life, providing an opportunity to acquire a faith by which to live.

3. Promoting an understanding of, respect for  and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those who have no faith.