Our Federation Vision and Mission Statement


 The Federation of Longhorsley and Whalton C of E Schools’ Vision

Our schools’ vision starts with our Christian core values of hope, honesty, forgiveness, friendship, trust and love to help all children grow confidently as individuals.

Hope - seeing the positive or good in everyone/thing

Honesty - always being truthful

Forgiveness - letting go of mistakes

Friendship - being a friend to all

Trust - in yourself and others

Love - for each other

We are two caring church schools committed to nurturing each child and inspiring academic aspiration - a love of learning, self-belief and the desire to exceed expectations.

We help each child to flourish in a happy and safe environment within the context of Christian belief. We work with the children, their parents, the Church and the wider community to create education of the highest quality for all. We aim for excellence in intellectual, moral and spiritual development.

 'Aspire... Believe... Achieve to be the very best we can be’


Federation Mission Statement

In keeping with their historic foundations, Whalton and Longhorsley Schools aim to serve their communities by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. They encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith in all its forms, while respecting those of different or no faiths. The schools’ values which reflect their Christian origins are intrinsic to the educational experience they offer to all their pupils.