Paddleboarding/Kayaking Year 4

On Monday, Year 4s from Whalton, Longhorsley, Cambo and Tritlington travelled to Druridge Bay Country Park. We met together at the main building to put ur bags in the shelter. Next we met back again to get ready for our next activity, which was orienteering.
We went around the course . Our first point was the path junction, then the bench, woods, stepping stones, wood, end of the wood and another bench. That was it.
Lunch was next. we had lunch on the rocks.
Paddleboarding looked fun but I wasn't able to do it so I had to sit out. But I was able to do kayaking.I was in a boat with Hannah and Scarlett. Scarlett fell in but I jumped in. It was a little bit cold but not too bad as we were wearing wetsuits. I was swimming in the lake - it was a lot of fun!
Year 4 pupil