School Council, RE Ambassadors & Eco-Warriors

School Council
Our School Councillors are voted for by their peers in each class and represent each year group in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The elections are held yearly and teach our children about an important aspect of British society - democracy.
They get to make important decisions on things that affect the children in our school, such as playground equipment, classroom resources and the all important Marble Treats!
Having successfully maintained the Green-Heart Award last year, the Eco- Warriors are currently taking part in the Eco-Schools programme; providing our team of children with an opportunity that empowers them to lead change within our school; having a positive impact in their wider community. Our team of Eco-Warriors consists of children from each year group (Reception to Year 6) to work together to develop their knowledge and environmental awareness. Not only do our Eco-Warriors benefit from these exciting activities, but there is a hugely positive impact on the whole school community; reducing our environmental impact. Eco-Schools consume less water and energy and produce less waste – in turn protecting and giving back to our wonderful world. We have achieved the Bronze Award for our efforts so far!
RE Ambassadors
Every year we appoint a group of RE ambassadors, who have applied for the role.  Their responsibilities include preparing for Church Services; attending meetings to discuss school/church issues; talking to visitors about the 'Christian Distinctiveness' of our school and taking care of our church.