Whalton Bale

On Tuesday 4th July it was our Bale Fire Dance. I wasn't there but I am going to tell you what their dances were like:
Carcassian Circle
First we go in a circle clockwise for 8 beats. Next we go around anticlockwise for 8 beats. After that the girls go in the middle, then the boys , then we spin our partner round. The oldest one has their arms crossed, then we promenade.
The Snail
The Snail is the best dance, we grab a hold of each other's hands and never!!!! let go, there is a leader who leads us in a pattern like a snail shell that's how it gets its name.
Year 4 Dance
We bow and courtesy and then we go 1,2,3,4 in out. After that we 'dosido' , finally we make an arch with our hands for all the children to go through.
Year 4 pupil