Year 5 Blog

11th January 2018
On the 11th January the Year 5s went on a bus to Ponteland Primary School to play netball. We met all of our friends for Heddon, Stamfordham and Belsay. The children had to have an image of blu tack coming from the teacher on their feet to make the rules fun. The schools started with a warm up. First we played ‘Bop It’ where you had to skip, run, walk and dance around the pitch. The teachers shouted different words for us to act out. Next we did pivots on one foot, two feet, left foot, right foot…it was difficult but right in the nick of time we had got it! After that we were put into groups of 3 and we passed the netball to each other at the cones then passed it to someone else. Then we played a game. The Year 5 girls were put together. It was great fun and has been chosen as the Year 5's favourite game so far.