Pupil Premium

Whalton C of E Primary School – Pupil Premium
The Pupil Premium is a sum of money that every school receives for each student who is in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM). Since April 2012 this has also included any students who have been in receipt of FSM at any time over the past six years. An additional sum of money is also paid to schools relating to pupils whose parents are in the ‘armed services’ and for children who are looked after in care or have been adopted from care.

Nationally, statistics show that, on average, students who are in receipt of FSM do less well than their peers in external exams. The aim of this money is to try to close the attainment gap.

Statistically, Whalton Primary School has fewer students who are in receipt of FSM when compared with many other schools nationally. As part of the Christian ethos of our school, at Whalton Primary School we view the needs of all students as important and strive to create the best opportunities and experiences for all students.

We are required to publish how much Pupil Premium money we receive and how we have chosen to spend that money. The following list is a summary of this information:

Pupil Premium Income 2012 – 2013
What have we spent the money on?
In 2012 – 2013 the Pupil Premium received by the school last year was spent on:

• Additional highly focussed interventions – close monitoring of how effective these targeted interventions are.
• Tracking of pupil progress, with proven intervention strategies put in place when pupils fall behind.

Ensuring equality of opportunity by:
• Assistance with the cost of school trips and residential visits.
• Reading schemes.
• Enrichment Activities.
• Partnership Collaboration.
• Personalised Curriculum Programme.

Progress of Pupils
Pupils receiving the Pupil Premium grant have made at least the expected progress.

Pupil Premium Income 2013 – 2014
In September 2013 our Pupil Premium allocation is £2700.00. This is allocated for a one to one intervention programme to develop literacy skills and support to ensure equality of opportunity with school trips and activities.
Progress of Pupils
All pupils have made progress from their starting points and the vast majority  of pupils receiving the Pupil Premium grant have made more than  expected progress.

Pupil Premium Income 2014 – 2015
In April 2014, our Pupil Premium allocation is £6,400.00.
We are using the funding in the following ways:

• Small group work, including interaction with children and adults through games based activities
• 1:1 adult support
• Continuation of our additional hours for a member of staff and staff training
• Funding of extra-curricular activities

Pupil Premium Income 2015 – 2016
From April 2015, our Pupil Premium allocation will be £8,300.00.
We have budgeted to use the funding in the following way:
• A ‘Menu’ of Support for Pupil Premium.
 This is personalised and costed to meet the individual needs of the children on a yearly basis and includes the intended impact on pupils.